Welcome to Planning Center Giving!
We are making a change from our current donor management software (ShareFaith) to Planning Center Giving starting in May 2024. Planning Center has already served as our DiscoveryKids check in, event calendar, worship/tech team scheduling, and church directory database and we are excited to bring Giving under this one system.
What about my past giving data?
All 2024 donation data will be migrated over to Planning Center Giving and linked with your Planning Center profile.
Do I have a Planning Center Profile?
If you have updated your church directory information in 2024, you have already created your profile! If not, we will create your profile when we migrate your donation data over.
If you are new here, welcome! Your profile is created when you give here for the first time.
What about my recurring gift?
If you are a recurring giver, we appreciate your generosity! We ask that you set up your recurring gift on Planning Center Giving and end your recurring giving on ShareFaith before August 31, 2024. Please follow the steps below to make this transition.
Step 1: Set up your recurring gift on the new system online by selecting Give Now or on our Church Center App by selecting “Give” in the bottom navigation menu. From there, select My Giving, where you can add a Payment Method and set up Recurring Donations. This instructional video shows how to give and manage your donor account: How to Give Online
Step 2: Log into our previous system (ShareFaith) below by selecting Sign in. Navigate to Scheduled and delete your recurring donation.
Our treasurers are happy to help you make this transition, just ask us at the Welcome Desk any Sunday! If you have additional questions, please email us at Office@discoverychristian.org.
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